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Everyone sometime will need help with their Vincent HRD. After all it’s 75 years since the last Vincent rolled off the production line in Stevenage, Parts have worn out, and things need replacing and renewing. Fortunately Vincent owners have  been analysing problems and finding solutions, ever since the club was formed, so here are four ways  you can use to find the right help. click on the + to read and the – to close.

This is really a ‘no-brainer‘, The Club has extensive technical resources on its web page, and a Technical Officer who will answer your questions by e-mail. (Inside cover of MPH). There are regular meetings and rallies where you can meet fellow members with a wealth of knowledge who will be happy to help you, and you would enjoy a discount of 10% on your spares bought from Vincent Spares.
Join at the VOC web site www.voc.uk.com

Get some reading in. There are many books written about the marque. The best workshop manual is still Paul Richardson’s ‘Vincent Motorcycles’. And the ‘Riders Handbook’ is still in print. You may also need the original Parts List books and there is now a new laminated workshop-ready illustrated parts list. Finally for a full appreciation of the bikes ‘Know thy Beast’ by Eddie Stevens or ‘Original Vincent’ by J Bickerstaff, make a good read. Basic technical parts books are available in our web shop  or the new regalia shop on the club’s website covers the full range of general books on the Vincent.

Join a forum. The best forums are run by the VOC. We suggest that you don’t jump in with a question that you may think is an original and difficult problem, as it may well have been asked many times before. It’s better to use the search box first, and read all the relevant answers you may find. Also remember that answers on Forums can be wrong as well as right! The Club’s online forum can be found at: https://www.vincentownersclub.co.uk/forums/  there is also a new forum on the club’s web site http://www.voc.uk.com

 If you have exhausted the 3 methods above we are always ready to help you with problems relating to the fitting of our parts to your Vincent or to help you identify what you may need.  A phone call may not be the fastest way, since we may not be available and also before reaching a solution, we (or you) may need to carry out additional research. Often that may entail you making further disjointed calls and repeating previous information. So we have now provided you with a simple inquiry form [CLICK HERE]

Note:Be ready- our answers may refer you to one of the books referenced in option 2 above, or point you towards the answer to your question in the drawings and information contained in the web shop itself

email technical help

CONDITIONS OF USE  (please read and confirm you accept and understand them in the form below)

This is a free advice service, our advice is based on the information you give us and our answers are given in good faith based on our experience of similar problems we have encountered before and appear similar to the problem you have described. We naturally cannot give any guarantee that our suggestions will be successful, or that you are qualified or able carry out any actions suggested.  If you feel that what is suggested is something outside your capabilities, do not try, instead we are happy to recommend someone who can do it for you. We reserve the right to reject questions that involve components or systems not supplied by us

This form is for technical questions only. If you have problems relating to outstanding orders, delivery issues or incorrect orders contact via email orders@vincentspares.co.uk

Technical Enquiry Form

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