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‘Matching Numbers’ Vincents                                                                                                                                           (highlighted in red)
These are ‘matching numbers’ bikes (ie main components have identical numbers to those in the factory records) that have been fully authenticated, and appear visually to be both in good condition and potentially fit for riding as a classic bike.  These include some of the best examples of the marque, which are likely to be investment-grade machines.   We can even arrange for a photo opportunity of you taking ownership of your classic Vincent at our headquarters.
Vincent Spares stock all the Vincent parts that you will need to maintain your Premium machine, and we offer a continuing 10% discount to Club Members.
Please note we are relying on visual and factory record inspection, owner’s description and we do not undertake a full mechanical examination.  We can arrange for an independent, experienced mechanic to undertake a mechanical review of the bike (at buyer’s cost) if required. 


A Rider’s Vincent                                                                                                                                                                        (Highlighted in Blue)
Whilst we authenticate the history of these bikes, they may not be matching numbers and appearance may be well road-ridden and in need of some attention.   Descriptions from seller and our own visual inspection suggests that they are reasonable examples which should potentially be fit for classic-bike riding (although we do not undertake a detailed mechanical inspection and no guarantee is given). 
Vincent Spares stock all the Vincent parts that you will need to maintain your Rider’s machine, and on most parts we can offer a 15% discount to Club Members for 12 months from purchase on Rider’s bikes (10% thereafter).
We can arrange for an experienced mechanic to undertake a mechanical review of the bike (at buyers cost) if required. 
A Project Bike                                                                                                                                                     (Highlighted in Green)
These may be examples from unfinished projects, look somewhat tired, or bikes that have not been ridden for many years.  Whilst we will check history of key components (engine, frame), buyers should expect to invest significant time by a skilled classic bike mechanic to get these into proper and safe riding order.  It is  worth noting that a matching numbers bike in poor condition may be regarded as a project bike.
Vincent Spares stock all the Vincent parts that you will need to restore your machine, and on most parts we can offer a 20% discount on large spares orders to Club Members for 12 months from purchase of  a Project Bike bought from us   (10% thereafter).
Contact us in confidence. We have a world wide audience of customers actively looking for Shadows, Rapides and Comets for riding and/or restoring.  Many of our customers are VOC members, so you know your beloved bike is going to a good home.
Do you have a machine and are considering selling? Have a chat with our MD, Bob Patchett, who will provide an expert view on how to present, possible selling price and any pre-work that would be helpful.  Remember, we probably arrange sales for more Vincents in a year than anyone else.
In addition, you save on auction house fees, negotiation and payment hassle, as well as the worry of strangers visiting your home to view a bike.
Contact our MD Bob Patchett to see if we can help +44 (0) 1536 312 220

1951 Comet                                                               2308261   .

This non matching numbers bike was rebuilt a few years ago to a high standard by a respected Vincent Owners Club member. It has since done about 1,000 miles. Comes with a VSC

The bike starts and rides well. But has been standing for about a year after the owner has been working abroad, the rebuild cost about six and a half thousand pounds, with all new bearings, piston, rebore and rings etc. the tank has been refurbished, but unfortunately it now has a bubble on the right-hand site.

£14,950 Now £13,950

1949 Series B Rapide                                                      2308262

Original KRH 307 reg number with original log book and V5.

The bike left the factory as a series B Rapide but it is now Series C spec with C RFM and Girdraulics. (The factory were producing C’s at the time but this one is a B.) Matching numbers (not RFM)


Amal Mk 11 Carbs. 11/8th” Shadow size with matching stubs. 7.3 Shadow spec Ron Kemp pistons. (Kempaloid)12v electrics, ‘Chinamo’.

Multiplate Norton based clutch, original included. Touring size wheels, alloy rims,Craven rack, panniers and topbox. 5″ speedo.

Series D type distributor, currently has points assisted electronic ignition, will include cap and rotor arm to bring it back to original D type (use slot marked with red paint on cam). Koni rear and Armstrong front dampers. Mac Reed elephant’s trunk oil catcher.

Unfortunately a small patch of paint is lifting on the petrol tank.

Some Spares included.

Other spares: If you want to return bike to original spec, buyer to contact owner.

A riders Vincent, the bike has been used for continental touring, rallies and Sunday runs.


1950 series C Comet.                                               2308263                          

Matching numbers, owned since 1987. Confirmed by recent VOC Dating certificate.

Original wheel sizes. Birmabrite mudguards. Craven rack with soft luggage. Coil ignition based on Lucas distributor with electronic ignition.

Engine in good condition, work done by Bob Dunn- bored out muff and fitted oversized liner, exhaust thread renewed and fitted exhaust guide oil seal.

A useable riders Vincent with matching numbers, fast, reliable and fairly original. Burgess silencer contributes to the performance.

Some spares included, along with soft panniers.

Other spares: if you want to return bike to original spec, and have the original registration number (which is on retention) buyer to contact owner.


SOLD   (4) 

  Keep an eye on this page as it is updated frequently and stock and prices can alter.                                          

1952 series C Comet                                                2308265

V5C and buff log book available

Matching engine and upper frame numbers, rear frame from black shadow, all as confirmed by recent VOC Dating certificate.

Genuine 53k miles

New chrome wheels with red stripes, stainless spokes and new tyres.

Engine starts and runs.

Been in the same family for 50 years.


COMET 1950                                                     2111236

A very tidy, matching numbers, original bike.

V5 and buff logbook present.

12 Volt, Alton generator with magneto ignition.



SOLD   (7) 

  Keep an eye on this page as it is updated frequently and stock and prices can alter.   

1951 Black Shadow                                             2309138




SOLD                                                                             9

Keep an eye on this page as it is updated frequently and stock and prices can alter.

SOLD                                                                                                       10

Keep an eye on this page as it is updated frequently and stock and prices can alter.

Here are some recent auction results you should visit the particular Auction web sites to find pictures and a full accurate description we have included a column to show an estimate of how we might have classified them.

*IMPORTANT All ‘sold for’ prices are hammer prices, expect commission and VAT to be added to the total (See Auction web site for terms).

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