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We are also able to arrange for the servicing and fitting of parts to Vincents at our workshop in Desbourgh.  Provided by an experienced mechanic operating as an independent service from Vincent Spares, the mechanic only uses parts provided by Vincent Spares so you are assured that the Vincent parts fitted are of the highest quality and made to the official VOC drawings.  


We have found that many owners have become interested in having their bikes fettled or serviced by an experienced mechanic, knowledgeable in the foibles of the Vincent machine.  We now have a team of two experienced chaps at our workshop in Desborough who undertake a variety of work on behalf of members.

 The internal team provide service and repair work such as:

  • A thorough services getting the bike ready for a new season of riding and fun
  • Reboring barrels, or fitting new liners and pistons
  • Gearbox or clutch rebuilds
  • Wheel building
  • Brake reline and service
  • Cable replacement
  • Cylinder head rebuild including new valves and guides.

If you are further afield or prefer to look elsewhere for your support, we are also able to suggest other repair shops. These are all independent services and, have been collated with the support of the Vincent Owners Club.  Of course, neither the Club nor Vincent Spares are able to provide any assurance, warranty or assume any liability for the services of independent service providers introduced by us.

Bob Patchett on +44 (0) 1536 312 220 will be able to discuss your requirements and give guidance about how best to take advantage of this unique capability or if you prefer enter details in form below and Bob will ring or email you

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