Best for your Vincent - a Fact not a Slogan


If you are a Vincent owner who likes to ride then this is the competition for you, enter and you could be in with a chance to win some of the £300 prize vouchers being offered by Vincent Spares Ltd.

The VOC Spares Company, in celebration of 50 years of Vincent spares provision, are pleased to announce a mileage competition, to see who can complete the biggest mileage on their Vincent in a year. The intention is to encourage you to put more miles on your Vincent, because there never was a more appropriate refrain than “use it or lose it”.

The idea of the competition is to take a picture of your ‘main ride’ Vincent speedo on any day between 1st January and 31st of March 2024, fill in an on-line form and send it off, with the photo, to Vincent Spares where it will be held as a record of your starting mileage. Then ride your bike for a year. Then take a second photo of your speedometer before or on the anniversary of your first photo, and again using the appropriate form, send it off to Vincent Spares where we’ll work out the 3 riders with the longest distances completed . The winners will be announced after the 31st March 2025 at the Vincent Spares AGM.

The overall winner will also have the opportunity of an interview in MPH by Picky Dicky regarding his or her riding year and if you have taken a photo of your bike in the most interesting place you encountered in the year that will also be published.

START FORM   The competition entry is now closed

Enjoy your year of riding we will contact all entrants as their years riding is completed

  1. Entrants must be a member of the VOC during the duration of the competition
  2. The speedometer must remain on the bike registered for the competition, a change of owner negates the entry.
  3. The Start date will be calculated ideally from the date given on the entry form.
  4. The End date will be ascertained in the same way.Where that date exceeds the anniversary of the start date the total mileage will be decremented by 365th times the days over due.  NB any entries entered on 29/2/2024 will deem to end on 28/2/2025
  5. The decision of the competition organisers is final.
  6. Prizes offered are 1st £250, 2nd £100, 3rd £50, in the form of Vincent Spares Vouchers, all award’s will be at the discretion of the Directors.
  7. Total distance will be calculated, converted and rounded to the nearest mile
  8. Entry to this competition means you are granting permission to Vincent Spares to use your data for use in the competition and for marketing or statistical evaluations

Taking and sending the photo

Take a clear photo of just your speedometer on the date you enter the competition , showing mileage (or Km), do not crop or alter the photo as this may be used as collaboration,

The start form and the uploading of the photo is above (  If you are  using a  mobile phone to take the picture and are also using it to fill in the form then it’s easy.  Otherwise you will need to copy the photo from the mobile or camera you used on to the PC you use to access the internet. When filling in the form you can then browse the PC to find the picture to upload.

We will store the picture while you ride your bike for your particular year.  Then we will send you a timely email reminder before the year is up.

On or before your anniversary date take a second photo, upload it with the closing form  which by then will be shown on this web page ( and that completes your entry to the competition.